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    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Need Wi-Fi For your School ?

According to the PDST in a recent report and guidance document for Wi-Fi in Primary schools

“There is a significant shift taking place in primary schools where the newer computing devices being introduced by schools for learning are increasingly mobile Wi-Fi devices and not fixed or desktop computers. To support this change, school authorities will need to have suitable and fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks in place.”

The key points in this document are there are great advantages to using Wi-Fi in schools both for teachers and students, both for web based curriculum and e-learning.

The students internet based activities are no longer confined to where there are wired networks in place and therefore learning can take place in multiple rooms at the same time as others,

The introduction of always-on Wi-Fi Internet (Wi-Fi) and tablet computers to the classroom provides teachers and schools with the potential to transform teaching and learning and to provide a greatly enhanced learning environment.

Many new devices no longer will have access to the internet without Wi-Fi , take the likes of apple ipads and android based tablets . More recently Hybrid laptops that combine the benefit of tablet and traditional laptops.

Many of these new devices rely heavily on internet both for internet and Apps and as many schools are investing in multiple units to give to classes up to 30 students simultaneous access , this clearly identifies a need for a very robust and reliable wireless network.

About computers have supported schools in their transition to newer technologies for over 25 years and continue to do so. We have the experience and knowledge to offer the best and reasonably priced (without compromise) wireless network solution for your school. All the solutions we provide will give you the following

Centrally managed network wireless access devices, meaning with simple centrally controlled software, you can make changes to the entire network, allowing easy change of the school password in cases where security has been compromised (e.g the students have unauthorised access to your wifi , this can lead to your entire network slowing down to a crawl and in some cases preventing teachers from logging on at all – both on wired and wireless)

Simple deployment of additional Access points if the need arises and the school wishes to expand their existing wireless network

Very strong and consistent WIFI signal strength throughout the required area and a reliable speed for all devices.

Extension of internet access to areas such as Library and sports hall are now very achievable

We at about computers will ensure that you have the best incoming broadband signal that is possible before we start to distribute it to the classes, we achieve this by working in conjunction with the PDST and your broadband supplier, this is very much a step that most of our competitors ignore as it is usually too much trouble, but think of it like this. If the broadband coming into the school is not at optimum then when it is split to each classroom then each class will have far from the achievable speed. I have described this recently to one principal as the equivalent of having a trickle of water coming into the school and then trying to use it in 9 or 10 sinks in the school. We will do the equivalent of increasing the trickle to as strong a flow as possible and then divide it evenly to all classes.

Our team are experts in all thing IT and as Ireland’s number one supplier of Promethean and other education technology Products, you know you are in good hands

Please drop an email to helpdesk@aboutcomputers.ie to have more information or a quote sent for the latest and best Wifi available in Ireland , at a price that all schools can afford.

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