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    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Promethean Visualiser


From the ActivClassroom, every view is spectacular. Educators the world over already jet a


cross continents and traverse eons in full color and motion through our ActivBoard and ActivInspire software, but now learning journeys can become even more real—with our ActiView Visual Presenter.
Put any object under ActiView’s gooseneck-mounted lens and lamp combination and your treasures, text, even flora and fauna are projected in vivid detail on the ActivBoard. Examine the smallest shell with automatic zoom and focus. Capture still-frames or the fluid motion of waving butterfly wings, then save to a computer for future inspiration. Share your work with the entire classroom or build an image library of everyday objects and extraordinary finds for use in your lessons. ActiView puts the whole wide world on display
A  Promethean visualizer (also referred to as document camera) is a tool that enables teachers to show any physical object to their pupils, via a digital projector. A classroom can observe a teacher demonstrating text, images, artefacts, living things and even techniques like tying a bow. It extends the range of uses of what was capable with overhead projectors to create a more interactive learning experience. There is no limit with what type of artefact can be used in conjunction with a visualizer.

Possible Educational Uses for the Promethean Visualizer
There is a range of educational uses that could prove useful to teachers and students
• Display artwork.
• Using the ‘Zoom’ feature, natural/manmade objects can be studied in phenomenal detail. Items such as coins/banknotes, butterfly wings, shells and flowers
• Share a book where the teacher can read to the class and everyone can follow on screen
• Help very young pupils to find correct page in their book
• Assist with sight impairment pupils with larger visuals for them to see
• Displaying ‘delicate’ texts such as historical documents/maps/photos.
• Modelling how to use a ruler/protractor.
• Taking a series of snapshot images to create an animation.
• Demonstrate a science experiment
• Displaying/observing fauna and flora such as caterpillars, beetles/ladybirds, leaves etc.