Returns or Cancellation Policy

It may cost up to 30% Restocking/shipping fee for cancelled orders as all orders are special orders and are required to be ordered into stock for each sale.Our suppliers do not accept returns.

We try to facilitate all requests for Installation dates that suit our clients , if you need to Cancel or reschedule an installation Please let us know at least one Week in advance of the agreed date , If our Engineer arrives onsite at the agreed time and is then cancelled , we will need to charge an additional fee for the return visit.

We Provide Estimates based on standard Installations , this is in most cases where we have a suitable Surface to Mount Products on . If we are advised this is the case and when the engineer arrives onsite and discovers that the surface is not suitable i.e a stud wall or very poor quality old wall, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to enable the installation to Proceed , if we are unable to proceed with the installation i.e need additional equipment and therefore need to return at a later date , there will be an additional fee for this return visit unless otherwise agreed.

We assume in all cases that the Walls for the installation will be ready and clear of all obstacles , if the engineer is requested to remove old Equipment that was not already discussed prior to the visit , there will be extra time and therefore extra cost involved for this service , please ask our support desk for details and please ensure you have returned a fully completed Pre Installation Survey sheet , this will greatly reduce the chances of issues for your installation.


We take safety very seriously. These solutions are heavy, very heavy. We have made the assumption that the walls you require the panels installed onto are flat concrete. Stud walls will not hold these panels unless reinforced correctly or floor standing mounts are employed

We pride ourselves in being very competent installers however there are some issues that arise repeatedly on installation. To do our job properly for you we must have:

1. Clear Wall (no trunking, no whiteboard, no chalkboard etc.). We can do all of this but more time is involved and therefore an extra charge may apply.

In some cases the  School Caretakers do this but it’s worth discussing with us before we come onsite as to us doing it , we also provide a removal and recycling facility but this may cost more.

2. Power Socket available at display

3. To make solution effective the school needs Wi-Fi in the location

4. We will need logins to PC Wi-Fi etc

5. PC must be within 3M of the Termination Unit

6. Classroom must be empty