• Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Promethean ActivPanel® / Interactive Flat Panel vs Projector and Promethean Interactive Whiteboard 2022

What is an interactive Flatpanel and why would you want one for your school?

The interactive flat panel or IFP for short is the latest version of the interactive whiteboard that most teachers use in their classroom today. The IFP is really a very fancy flat screen TV that has a reinforced glass front to prevent damage to the led screen underneath, multiple inputs for your teaching computer and a  full touch screen facility , some offer 2 point , 4 point or even 16 point touch , what does that mean ?

ActivPanel vs Interactive white board
ActivPanel vs Interactive white board

The number of touch is how many different points the screen sees at any one time , i.e on a 10 point touch it can recognise up to 10 fingers touching 10 separate points at the same time. This ensures that you can future proof most software applications and allows for multiple children and teachers to use the screen at the same time . This can be useful where Students are solving problems together or other collaboration at the board.

Some of the IFP come with an Android Computer built into the screen and this allows for access to the Android play store on Google and gives your school access to over 100,000 apps for maths , science , history etc , many for free.

With the facility of the Android computer , the teacher can use their own laptop (not showing on the screen) to prepare work and the students can engage with the board , for example watch a video on youtube (for those lucky enough to have proper internet in their school).

There are currently two main types of IFP , one type which is the cheapest is IR , Infrared , the other uses a newer technology called inglass .The benefits of inglass to mention but a few is faster writing speeds and none of the lag that teachers often find difficult to work with .In glass also recognises the difference in a pen and a finger and therefore can be much better for recursive writing (it wont see your hand as a pen and mess up the writing) .

There are other advantages to the inglass units too and this is covered in our free buyers guide , we also discuss the difference in using a IFP vs a Projector and Interactive Whiteboard , please click the contact link below and choose Free buyers guide as the subject line , please note we can only send this to a school email address as we give indicative prices of Products and would not like these shared with other IT companies , Still, Not sure what size Panel you need ? Maybe this will help https://www.aboutcomputers.ie/compare-the-promethean-activpanel-65-and-promethean-activpanel-75%e2%80%b3/ .

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