• Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Promethean ActivPanel® 9 4K Ultra HD LED

Go beyond your existing classroom technology limits (with previous Digital whiteboards / Electronic Whiteboards ) with the Latest ActivPanel v9 . Promethean’s next-generation interactive panel which delivers robust, seamless, and secure user experience. With its secure roaming profiles, streamlined connection to your content, flexible lesson delivery systems, and myriad of ways to personalize the user experience, ActivPanel 9 offers everything you need to revolutionize how you teach and transform how students learn.The Promethean Activpanel V9 is the latest version of Interactive whiteboard / Interactive smart board Technology for your classroom


Connectivity ActivPanel 9 makes it easy for you to teach your way, whether you connect your device or use one of our computing options. It will quickly become the central hub of your classroom. • Use a single cable USB-C connection for audio, video,  touch interactivity, and charging. • Connect up to 39 student devices with our device Screen Share app and share up to four  student screens on the panel simultaneously or individually . • Control the panel from anywhere in the classroom  with our intuitive remote.

Simplicity Designed to allow teachers to focus on teaching, not technology. • Tailor the look of your panel with your Promethean  profile, so it looks the same every time you sign in. • Create shortcuts and customise the layout of the menu  and apps for a truly personalised experience. • Enhance your teaching with Promethean’s intuitive Classroom Essential apps.

Security Rest assured that personal data is kept safe and confidential with enhanced security and sign-in options. • Create a Promethean account using your Microsoft or  Google credentials. • Enjoy easy and secure sign-in using a dedicated app with  a panel-specific code or QR code. • Store data in your cloud-based Promethean profile, not  on the panel.

Adaptability ActivPanel 9 helps schools provide students with optimal educational experiences in all learning environments. • Capture a snippet or record an entire lesson and easily share with students. • Use Screen Share for real-time collaboration and communication in classroom, hybrid, and blended learning situations. • Work seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. All this is a huge leap forward for users that are familiar with the older Interactive whiteboard / smart board with Projector.

Longevity With its robust design, enhanced hardware components,  and multiple sustainability features, ActivPanel 9 offers  true peace of mind for your investment. • Apply over-the-air (OTA) updates, the latest security features, and our newest panel software offerings  using Promethean Panel Management or Radix.* • Achieve all-important energy efficiencies with power management settings. • Enjoy durable toughened glass, best-in-field writing  and viewing experiences, and a comprehensive  warranty offering.

Powerful lesson delivery software included Deliver interactive lessons with your choice of Promethean’s powerful educational software solutions. Both ActivInspire and ClassFlow software are Promethean created and supported, subscription-free, and included with the purchase of the ActivPanel.All teachers that have used this sofware with the Promethean Activboard / Interactive whitboard will be very comfortable with the latest version . The award-winning ActivPanel offers the industry’s most natural writing experience using the highly accurate Vellum™ Technology for teachers and students to collaborate with ease. The ActivPanel enables an intuitive tablet-like experience providing teachers with all the tools they need to be highly efficient and productive.

Powerful Display Computing
Powered by an upgradeable Android™ module, the ActivPanel creates a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. Featuring an always accessible toolbar and customizable home screen, the ActivPanel maximizes teacher productivity.

Infinite Instant Whiteboard
The new instant whiteboard provides multi-user interactivity with free-form writing, palm erase, and pinch-zoom navigation. Save and share notes with the class and engage students with preloaded teaching tools such as protractor, ruler, and more.

Educational Tools for Connected Learning
Connect to the ever-expanding world of educational apps directly from the home screen. Easily mirror mobile devices to share content, or connect Bluetooth® devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and robots to support lessons.

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