• Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

NoteCart Simple

NoteCart Simple offers a basic solution for storing and charging

We provide two trolleys in this range, to hold 16 and 32 Laptops. These trolleys have the same great build quality, and all of the high attributes as any other of our products. The “Simple” range offers you simplicity in its design, when all you need from a trolley is to store and charge your Laptops or Netbooks.

Additional options include intelligent chargeTimer and additional handle and charging shelves

Shelves for power supplies
The Laptop power supplies are stored in a lockable compartment at the back of the Cart.

It is possible to mount a timer next to the power panel in order to manage the charging of the laptops and netbooks.

Notesecure is a lock solution to fasten the Cart and prevent theft of and from the Cart. The device is mounted on a solid wall and the NoteCart is positioned with the door facing in to the fixture. This prevents access through the door when the unit is stored. NoteSecure is avaliable for all of our NoteCart.


NoteCart Simple 16
NoteCart Simple 32 Netbooks
Height 1385mm
Breadth 645mm
Depth 665mm
Weight 65 kg


NoteCart Simple 32
Height 1385mm
Breadth 895mm
Depth 665mm
Weight 90 kg