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    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Networking and Wifi for Your School

Networking and Wifi for Your School : In the high Traffic Networks that now exist in Irish Schools , you need efficient ways of collaborating, sharing information, and communicating with Students  and Teachers. Networks aren’t just for big colleges, they are an affordable necessity for small and medium sized Schools

IT-Networking and Wifi support
A computer network, is a way of connecting standalone PCs and peripheral devices so they work in unison. Files stored on one computer can be instantly accessed by another computer on the network. If a printer is networked, any connected computer can print to it. If the network has an Internet connection, every computer on the network can have Web browsing and e-Commerce capability.We offer full Network upgrade and Support Service to all Irish schools and we can mange and connect your whole School to the best and most reliable wireless / WIFI Network in the Country , have a look at our WIFI information  Wifi For Irish Schools

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