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DC125 USB Document Camera

Lumens DC125 USB Document Camera


Excellent Image Quality
Equipped with a professional image sensor that has high sensitivity when identifying brightness and contrast with low noise and vivid color reproduction.
It supports extremely high definition QXGA, Full HD 1080p, SXGA, and varies signal formats for crystal-clear image.

Extremely Smooth Dynamic Image
The frame rate is as high as 30 fps even at Full HD 1080p output resolution much higher than the 24 fps of a movie theatre.
Higher frame rates capture every tiny movement without delays, and even flapping insect wings can be clearly observed in great detail.

User friendly Interface
All frequently used commands are designed into buttons on camera base for convenience like lamp on-off, image freeze, capture, and image optimization to adjust sharpness, brightness, and focus for the best image quality.

USB Cable Only, Plug & Play
Only one USB cable is connected to a computer for operating easily without external power adapter or VGA cable to provide a clear and neat desktop.
Plug and play design avoids complicated installation, and is compatible with computer systems and all major IWB brands.

Hands Free AF
Equipped the most advanced intelligent image mechanism for continuous focus adjustment.
The DC125 will adjust its focus automatically and quickly to ensure the best image quality without any distraction for presenters and audiences.

Video/Audio Recording
With the built-in microphone for video and audio recording makes the DC125 convenient to record training sessions, meetings, seminars, lectures with annotation, and effective playback when needed.

Joint-free Gooseneck
Innovative joint-free, highly flexible gooseneck design ensures smooth movement without vibration, and easy to use. All details of an object can be viewed at any angle.

Auto Tune
Single button located on the base of the DC125 so with one light touch the DC125 will correct the colour, focus, and brightness automatically to achieve perfect image quality every time.

Zoom Capacity :: Mechanical Zoom : 8x

Output Resolution :: XGA, SXGA, 720p, 1080p, UXGA, QXGA(2048×1536)

High Color Reproduction ΔE*ab 8.58 (mean)

SNR :: 51 dB

Sharpness :: MTF 1102 lines

Close-up :: 1.6” (4 cm)

Shooting Area (Max.) :: 18.8” x 14.1” (480 x 360mm) > A3

Frame Rate :: 30 fps

Lamp :: Built-in LED on camera head

Power Supplied :: USB Bus Power

USB Image Transmission :: USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) high speed transmission

Video/Audio Recording :: Yes, via software

Built-in Microphone :: Yes

Image Capture :: Single or Continuous Capture

Auto Tune :: Yes, image optimization

Image Rotation :: 0 ̊, 180 ̊, Flip, Mirror

Anti-Theft :: Kensington lock port

Free Lumens Software ::
Support PC Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista and Mac OSX, Chrome OS ; WIA and TWAIN interface

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