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    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

Interactive board and Projector Service

We can provide our customers an Optical Cleaning Service for projectors which will greatly improve the quality of the projector and its lifespan This can be done at your school or we can collect the projector and service it and return it to you via courier, call us for more information .

While it is very important to clean the filters on your projector at regular intervals the filter cannot block all dust and dirt as there still needs to be a airflow into the components of the projector to keep them cool.

Here is a few before and after pictures of a typical projector that required an optical clean.

Before Projector Cleaning

As you can see the Picture is very dull and its very hard to see the display with the lights on ( sound familiar ? Lots of classrooms are putting in special blinds at a very high cost to counteract this ) A properly serviced projector can normally be seen in daylight! .

Dust on Internal Fans

Dust buildup on the fans can hamper cooling and decrease projector quality and greatly reduce the projectors life span and lead to the projector overheating and refusing to work.

Dust on LCD Block

Large amounts of dust on this unit will lead to dull, blurry images and impossible to read text.

Dust on Lamp

The dust on this lamp will cause reduced clarity and brightness of the projector.

Dust inside the Optical Drive

Here we can see dust on the internal mirrors and lens. This all contributes to poor quality displays and shortens the lifespan of your projector.

After Cleaning

This is what the optical drive unit looks like after cleaning.

Less Dust = More light passing through the projector = Brighter and Sharper Display.

Here is a picture of the same projector after cleaning.

The Brightness is greatly improved

The focus is corrected allowing the text to be read correctly