• Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
A Promethean interactive whiteboard with a pink and black projector on top of a white background.

Hovercam Ultra 10 Now Available in Ireland

The Excellent Hovercam Ultra 10

A 4K Wireless visualiser with a fully integrated android tablet. An impressive 16MP camera sensor and 7.1” HD multitouch screen makes Ultra 10 the most powerful document camera ever built.  

Key Features:

• Battery Powered

• 16 MP Camera Sensor

• 3 Wireless Casting Modes

• 4K @ 30FPS Lesson Recording

• Fully Integrated Android Tablet

• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity

• Built-In-Microphone: Easily conduct live, real-time video presentations

• Live Streaming and Cloud Recording

• Wireless Connectivity to Chromebook, iPad, Android, iOS, PC and Mac

• Field of View greater than A3

• Up to 400 times Total Zoom with patented ASR Zoom technology

• Base ensures stability, and 6 Pivot points so camera can be positioned exactly as required

• 7.1” HD Multitouch screen

• Annotate over live image using the powerful Flex Android software

• Microscope Adaptors available so looking down a microscope with HoverCam is quick and easy to set up

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