Promethean activpanel 9 premium interactive board

Compare the Promethean ActivPanel® 65 and Promethean ActivPanel® 75″

In this video by About Computers , Waterford, Ireland , we discuss the difference in the size of the Promethean Activpanel 65″ compared with the Promethean activpanel 75″. Both Panels are shown side by side to show clearly the real difference that the size will make in your classroom.We will include full dimensions on our website that show height by width of both units at , this is available below the video as a PDF that you can download , drop us a quick email to check on Current Sizes as the Activpanel has been updated several times since this video , take a look here after the video to see the Promethean Activpanel v9 , released in January 2023 .

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