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Chrome Book

Chromebook Education Ireland

What is a Chromebook and why would you buy one for use in your School ?

The chromebook is a typical laptop , maybe with a slightly smaller screen ,  typically 14” , it has generally a solid robust and many time spill proof keyboard , built in wifi and runs a different operating system than most other laptops that you might be using in your school currently. The Google made chrome OS is built around the chrome browser that you have on most school computers. It is designed to be fast on boot up and running applications , needs less memory and storage than a normal laptop .

Chrome Book
Chrome Book

What are the key benefits of the Chromebook ?

Most have on average usage of 11 to 14 hours on one battery charge , very useful if giving to different classes throughout the day and without the need to be recharging , great yes ?

Most Chromebooks boot to the operating system in a matter of seconds and you won’t see the long wind(ow)ed (pardon the pun) “please don’t turn off your computer “ for the first 15 minutes of class while the teacher is trying to get students working on web searches and documents etc.

The Chromebook can use google apps such as Google docs , spreadsheets and gmail and all of these are free. The Chromebook can print to all printers in your school as normal and fully wirelessly (as long as you have WiFi working properly (see our article on getting WiFi right in your school)).

Some , but not all Chromebooks can run Android Apps , the same as an android tablet and this means you have full access to the google apps store and over 100,000 apps , most free.Thinking of buying tablets for your school ? , have a read of this post , click here

It’s important to choose the right model as it is not at all obvious what Chromebooks will or won’t run android apps , If you want to get more information on this please click on the contact us page and ask us to send you a complete list of compatible devices and typical prices for same , About Computers can setup a full Gsuite (Google management and software) for your school , install all devices and get all your students managed by the school IT Person .We Also have a full Device management software solution to help you control student use of Apple , Android , Chrome and Windows devices , take a look here 

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