• Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium
    Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium

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Promethean ActivPanel

Compare the Promethean ActivPanel® 65 and Promethean ActivPanel® 75″

In this video by About Computers , Waterford, Ireland , we discuss the difference in the size of the Promethean Activpanel 65″ compared with the Promethean activpanel 75″. Both Panels are shown side by side to show clearly the real difference that the size will make in your classroom.We will include full dimensions on our

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ActivExpression Video

ActivExpression student response system offers teachers real-time insight into comprehension and learning progression as students work at their own pace or as a class. ActivExpression at a glance: With real-time feedback, teachers can monitor understanding and adapt instruction for the class or individuals. Self-paced and impromptu capabilities and a wide range of response types allow

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ActivBoard Touch 78 (2.0)

The ActivBoard Touch brings together intuitive touch interactivity and Promethean’s award-winning software to facilitate engaging, effective learning experiences. ActivBoard Touch Systems at a glance: Fast, precise touch interactivity unleashes the touch and manipulation capabilities of Mac, Linux, and Windows 7 and 8. ActivInspire Professional Edition software and access to Promethean Planet’s wealth of teaching resources

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Promethean ActivPanel® Touch

ActivPanel Touch unites multi-touch interactivity, vibrant images, a classroom-tough design and Promethean’s award-winning software in an interactive flat-panel display that is optimised for the classroom. ActivPanel Touch’s suite of large, vibrant, high-definition displays supports multi-touch interaction where up to ten students can collaborate and learn together. ActivPanel Touch at a glance: Supports a full range

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ActivInspire 1.5

ActivInspire is the educational software that powers the ActivClassroom. The foundation for any 21st century learning experience, ActivInspire enables teachers to lead the class via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard, support group collaboration and teamwork in the classroom through Promethean’s award-winning Learner Response Systems, and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the

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Promethean Actiview

Promethean ActiView  is a high definition document camera or visual presenter, which allows teachers to easily capture still images as well as video of items to be used instantly during instruction or saved and made part of an activity or presentation . This Product is no longer availbel but we do have the Award winning

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ActivBoard 300

Business leaders are challenged to transform meetings and training sessions from lecture-based monologues into dynamic, vibrant experiences. The ActivBoard 300 Pro rivets the attention of attendees, while inviting real-time participation and collaboration. ActivBoard 300 Pro Systems at a glance: Dual-user functionality and integrated sound drive engagement and collaboration. Promethean’s ActivOffice plug-in for PowerPoint® ensures maximum

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ActiVote is a student response system that enables teachers to poll students at any time during class to assess progress and, based on responses, tailor lessons to specific student needs. ActiVote at a glance: Simple, easy operation with six-button, A-to-F interface. Encourages whole-class participation and facilitates formative assessment. Instant results can be used in real

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