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C-Pen Connect Assistive Technology in Ireland


  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: effortlessly connects to Android or Apple devices so you can start scanning textbooks and documents in minutes
  • DIGITAL TEXT READER: comes with its own dedicated app, allowing you to save your text as files, making it perfect when doing essay research
  • SCAN, TRANSLATE, SHARE: scan a line of text, then get instant translations or share with friends in a study group
  • ULTRA-FAST PROCESSING: the high-powered processor scans text in just 0.5 seconds for more efficient studying
  • NO INTERNET REQUIRED: C-Pen Connect doesn’t require a connection to 4G or WiFi to work, letting you scan anywhere, at any time
  • LONG-LIFE BATTERY: features a rechargeable battery that provides hours of continuous use without the need frequently charge

Expanded Features of the C-Pen Connect

Seamless Bluetooth Technology
This digital highlighter features Bluetooth connectivity, letting you effortlessly connect to Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows and Mac. It’s easy to setup and doesn’t require WiFi or 4G to work, meaning you’ll be scanning text in no time, at any time.

Trusty Studying Companion
The C-Pen Connect can easily scan full lines of text, making it ideal when taking essential quotes for essays. This text can then be saved as a file locally, uploaded to your cloud drive and shared with someone via message. It’s perfect for those studying and researching alone or in a group.

Translation Made Simple
Need a word translating? Simply scan over it and get an instant translation in up to 40 different languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, helping enhance your vocabulary or learn a new language. It requires a third-party translation app, such as Google Translate.

  • Scan languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Scan speed up to 12 cm/s
  • Scan font size: 6,5-24 points
  • Rechargeable lithium battery: 600mAh / Full charging cycle 2.5hrs
  • Size: 124 x 29 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 42g

  • Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows and Mac
  • Bluetooth 4.x/BLE

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