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Benefits of Tablets in the classroom

 Benefits of Tablet PC’s in the classroom

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Tablet P.C’s have become very popular in recent times for business and home use, but they also have their own benefits in education and can be easily used in any classroom.

These are some of the ways that Tablets can be used to benefit school children in the classroom and indeed at least three different tablet solutions to consider if you are investing in them , Consider Apple , Android and now Windows , and not necessarily in that order . We have put together an unbiased buyers guide which will help with the decision making (this can be a very costly mistake for your school if you choose the wrong solution ) , Please go to our contact page and request a free copy , click here.

  • Tablets are a great way to show textbooks. Tablets are capable of enhancing text books making content more interactive by featuring images, videos and audio. Tablets are a great way for school children to read a class novel or to read Newspapers, reports or journals.For junior classes many Apps are available for word recognition and spelling and are full of colour and pictures to enhance learning.
  • Students are ready for tablets. Many school children use touch screen based platforms such as game consoles and phones and already have a good knowledge of the technology.Many already have a tablet at home.
  • Tablets can be easily added to schools current networks and teachers can easily provide files for all class members, making it easy to provide the same information to all of their students across their Tablets.Just beware that if your school WIFI is not up to standards then you may have issues with logons , downloads , web browsing etc , see our Post on advice on School Wifi , click here
  • Tablets give users access to a wide variety of Interactive applications that often take a different approach to learning. This different approach can make learning easier for some students.Lots of website are designed for tablet use and have been optimised for this type of interactive technology.
  • By students learning though tablets it integrates education with modern IT trends.
  • Tablets give students the web at their fingertips making it easy for students to research information for  school projects, class work, homework etc.Most tablets have a far greater battery life than Laptops and therefore work for the whole school day without a recharge.If you are considering the purchase of tablets then maybe you should also look at Chromebooks , we have a post on these here , click here
  • For many students ,  school is the only place where they can access technology’s such as tablets and computers and Tablet based applications (Apps) . Tablets  also provide features which can be used in the classroom as a form of collaborative learning which will help to get all class members interacting together though their Tablets and usually in a fun way.
  • Many schools buy text books which are wasted and unused and over time are unusable. By using eBooks children can enjoy many free books and no waste will occur and they are always the most recent version.
  • Bear in mind that because you are introducing multiple computer devices onto your school network it migh be wise to consider a classroom management software package that helps you control and monitor the students and make sure they are on track with your teaching plan , we have a post on this too , click here 

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